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Tuition and Fees

Registration is online only. The registration fee is $150, but you will not be charged until we confirm you have a spot.

Children are enrolled in classes based on their age as of September 1, 2024.  We will register in each class until

it ia full. Once a class is full, we will add children to a waitlist.

Once registration has been submitted we will confirm space availability in your preferred class, send you the remaining forms and bill you the registration fee. If space is not available, we will let you know of any other available options and/or place your child on a waitlist.

Monthly Tuition for Core Classes for 2024-25

Core Classes are from 8:30 to 11:30 AM

     2 days - $220

     3 days - $265

     5 days - $400

Lunch Bunch - Available for Cherubs

Meets daily from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM daily. Must be used in conjunction with the Core Cherub Class. It consists of lunch time and rest time.


Lunch Bunch Fees - paid monthly

     2 days - $95

     3 days - $125

     4 days - $160

     5 days - $195

Lunch Bunch is also available on a drop-in basis for $15 per use.

Enrichment Classes

Afternoon Enrichment Classes consist of extra playtime, lunch, short rest and class.

Children must be enrolled in a Core PK1 or PK2 program. Most children will remain in the same class for the entire day. Some may be moved to a different class based on enrollment numbers.

Monthly Tuition for Afternoon Enrichment Classes:

     2 classes - $105

     3 classes - $155

     4 classes - $195

     5 classes - $230

Enrichment classes are available for drop-in for $20 per class.

Supply Fees are paid twice per year,

1st payment is due by August 15.

2nd payment is due by January 15.

Supply Fee for Core Programs:

     2 day - $50

     3 day - $70

     5 day - $90

Supply Fee for Afternoon Enrichment Classes:

     2 day - $10

     3 day - $15

     5 day - $25

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