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Fuller Hearts Preschool is absolutely amazing! My kiddos have been attending this school for three years now and we can’t wait to send our third! The teachers and staff are so kind and compassionate and it’s clear they genuinely love what they do. My boys love going and have learned and are continuing to learn so much! I can’t recommend them enough! 

- Jessica Gettig

My heart sings at the intangibles going on in each of your classrooms: excitement, joy, happiness, community, problem solving, exploration, play, security, creativity, structure, imagination, and growth. As an educator, I see a kind, caring, exceptional staff. It is evident in the fact that teachers know names of most or every child regardless if they're in their classroom. It's evident in the care and concern for respectful work, where every child is valued and encouraged based on his or her gifting, and it's evident in the chatter and personal experiences of parents in my neighborhood who speak only praise for the school. Most of all, it's evident in my child who can't wait to go to school. "Mom!" he exclaimed after the first day 'We don't do ANY work and only play!' This is the highest praise I could ever have asked, for I know the hard work and thought that goes into every classroom as well as the vision of the school.

- Amy Olsen

The Preschool at First United Methodist Church (Now called Fuller Hearts Preschool) is outstanding! My twins have gone there for the past 2 years and they are more than prepared for Kindergarten. Not only are they taught well and fully prepared for elementary school, they are cared for, nurtured and loved by the teachers and staff at this school. In all honesty, I never want my kids to leave the Euless FUMC Preschool. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great education and a loving atmosphere for the preschool aged children.

- Katie Stewart

Fuller Hearts has been the greatest blessing to our family this year.  The staff is committed to providing a loving and enriching experience for their students. The best preschool experience we’ve ever had!

- Vicky Herman

We love FUMC Preschool (now called Fuller Hearts Preschool). We searched for a Preschool that focused on play! We found that FUMC Preschool focuses on play alongside a strong curriculum to prepare them for Kindergarten. We couldn’t be happier with our decision.     

- Magen and Chris Brown

We enrolled both of our sons at the FUMC Preschool (now called Fuller Hearts). Our oldest really enjoyed the teachers and the experience and has already graduated, so we put our 2nd son here, too. Both have had the same teachers who are fantastic and they really equip them for Kindergarten. When we drop them off or attend events, we realized that ALL the teachers at the Preschool know our sons’ names, not just the classroom teachers. I highly recommend this preschool.         

- Francisco Leung

Nearly 3 years ago God placed a little boy in my life. He had absolute no interaction with other children so I arranged for him to start the Mother’s Day Out program at FUMC (Fuller Hearts). Last September Devin started PK1 and he has blossomed. He was so introverted and shy never speaking to anyone. Each day since then I can see him growing. He talks to all the kids and tells us all the time how much he loves his teacher. On school mornings he wakes up with a smile and says “go school?”. Every person at FUMC Euless Preschool is loving and nurturing. Amazingly all the teachers know the names of all the kids. Heartfelt thanks to everyone. Because of you Devin is growing up with a love of school. 


- Linda Martin

Mayor, City of Euless and very proud “grandma"


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful values you continue to instill in our children. I’d like to relate an incident that happened yesterday. I was with Jacey, our 3 year old FUMC (Fuller Hearts) preschooler at Mountasia. We were playing miniature golf. When she saw the American flag flying above “the mountain”, she put her hand over her heart and recited the pledge of allegiance. What a fantastic testimony to the values you instill in our children every day. God bless all of you.

- Barbara Hallstein (grandparent)

Fuller Hearts Preschool is wonderful! The teachers and staff are so caring and I know my children are in good hands when I drop them off for school They incorporate playful learning into their day, as well as Chapel, P.E. and Music. My son is in the Pre-K 5-day class this year is he is also learning computer and some beginning Spanish. We have been very happy with this preschool and plan on having all our children here.                        - Carrie Bailey

I could never describe how wonderful and caring these teachers are. I would gladly let my kids stay in school there till they turn 18 if that were an option. We’ve been there for 5 years and I’ve NEVER had one complaint or concern. I will never forget how I toured more than 10 preschools over the course of a few months for Solé when I was driving by and decided to turn in and take a look. I knew we were home the minute I walked in. I showed up without apt and got to see “business as usual” at the busy pick-up time. The kids AND teachers all looked so calm and happy (and I, a frazzled mom with a super clingy 2 year old). On her first day of school Ms. Naomi and Ms. Kett lovingly pried her from my hands. And they didn’t laugh at me when Solé was fine in class and I was still outside her door crying and not able to leave her. I can never tell you what this school has meant to our family. Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart from today until forever.

- Shelli Cruz (mom of Lucas and Sole)

Fuller Hearts Preschool (formerly (FUMC Preschool) has been an excellent place for all three of our boys. I originally decided on them years ago based on their low tuition prices but happened upon a goldmine of incredible staff and administration. Not only did my boys learn social skills, letters, counting, and principles, the school is run so well that when it was time for public school, I was in shock at the disorder compared to how Ms. Linda ran things at Fuller Hearts. Communication is clear and consistent, COVID protocols were excellent and prompt, and most of all our kids loved going there. I would recommend this preschool to anyone looking for a quality education and caring staff who major in excellence.

- Cassidy Doolittle

Image by Courtney Hedger
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