About Us

Over 50 Years of Educating Children

We are a well-established Christian Preschool with rich traditions. In the fall of 2020, Euless First United Methodist Church relocated to Ash Lane and became Ash Lane United Methodist Church. We felt a fresh start in our beautiful new facility needed a fresh name that honored our Church's heritage. The Fuller family not only helped found our church in 1876, but were also a big part of growing the community of Euless. The new name serves as a constant reminder of our commitment to serving our community by providing an affordable preschool option that not only prepares our students for Kindergarten, but builds a love for learning and growing that can last a lifetime.


  Where we learn to play and play to learn!

Our daily schedule varies due to special events that day, but usually includes the following:

New concept: New material from the unit is presented as soon as all children arrive, while students are alert and fresh. Units are theme oriented and typically vary every 2 to 4 weeks. PK1 and PK2 curriculum includes Zoo-Phonics, a phonetic approach to teaching the letters. Each letter has its own character, sound and sign.

Group time: Includes attendance, calendar activities, show and tell and discussions. Each class attends Chapel and Music and once per week. Each

class has daily recess. Chapel is lovingly taught with puppets by our amazing Chapel leader, Kelly Wilhelmi. The talented Casey Scott teaches our music classes.

Self-directed play: Children are given freedom to explore the various learning activities and interest centers. These centers are changed often for the purpose of challenging the mind and body of a young child.

Snack: Consists of water and juice or milk, and a variety of snacks, including birthday treats. On occasion we will cook our own snack. Parents assist in providing a daily snack.

Recess: Playground, walks, games, music, gym activities inside on cold and rainy days.

Dismissal: Papers are handed out and coats are put on.

We believe our program offers children a time to discover, explore, experiment, play, observe, listen, question, a time to love and time to be a child.